BRIGHTSwim Bright Swimwear line

Announcing new bright swimwear line!

Hey there, water lovers! We’ve got some exciting news to share. We’ve teamed up with The SAFE Swim Foundation to bring you the coolest, bright swimwear line around — BRIGHTSwim!

Imagine your little ones rocking bold, ’90s-inspired colors and patterns that not only look awesome but also keep them visible in the water. With BRIGHTSwim, safety and style go hand in hand!

This bright swimwear line was created in collaboration with the SAFE Swim Foundation to spread awareness about the need for high-visibility swimsuits for children. So, while your kiddos are having a blast splashing around, you can rest easy knowing they’re well-protected.

But remember, while BRIGHTSwim boosts visibility, it’s not a substitute for keeping a close eye on your little swimmers. Safety first, always!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into summer with BRIGHTSwim Swimwear and make a splash wherever you go! Check out the collection at Yaya’s Bait Shop Boutique today. And don’t forget, when it comes to water safety, visibility is key! 🌊😎