SAFE Swim training memory book inside

SAFE Swim Training photo books

Hello, my fishy family! When signing your little one up for SAFE Swim Training at The School of Yaya’s Fishes this season, don’t forget to request a personal copy of our memory book.

We will print your child’s name on the front of the book. Each page features images of your little fish during their time here in addition to motivational quotes, and a list of our sponsors. Books will print once our students have graduated our program.

Don’t forget that sign-ups are now in full swing for the training season. Here’s how to register:

SAFE Swim 1 (Beginner Training): Call or text us at (870) 206-0069 to start the registration process.

SAFE Swim 2 (Maintenance Training): Sign up for classes using our new app or through our parent portal! (If you have any issues contact us) Here’s how to get it:

With the new app, you can download, register, and see what is coming up! You can also send the app to others who may be interested in the SAFE Swim Survival program. To get started, go to My Account and then to “First time student registration”.

Classes begin on March 2. We take on new little fishies from the time they can crawl up, so there’s room for everyone to learn!