Yaya talks to one of her fishes on the steps her swim school's pool

Our swim school breaks water on KAIT!

Oohhhh!!! We are so excited here at The School of Yaya’s Fishes! Our swim school was featured on KAIT last night.

KAIT Reporter Griffin DeMarrais came out to interview Yaya and swim instructor Madline Chamber, and got a first-hand look at the important work we do at our school. 

See the full report here: The School of Yaya’s Fishes saving a life one stroke at a time

We have so many fun things coming up soon, and we miss our little fishies!

While we aren’t currently in the pool, we are scheduling students. We still have some construction left to do on the new enclosure around our swim area before we can begin classes for the year.

The new enclosure will give us so much more time to work with our littles by giving us shelter from wind and rain. It also retracts backward, so we can still enjoy the beautiful days brought to us in the summer!

Reach out to our swim school to get information on pricing and schedules for 2022. And, don’t forget to remind your friends to sign up, too. We want to train and equip as many infants, toddlers, and children as possible with these critical survival skills, making NEA a SAFE Swim Zone.

Love you all!